Intercounty Employees Volunteer

Friday | March 18, 2022
Co-op employees volunteered during commodity day at Licking's United Community Help Center.

Fire Safety Training

Friday | March 11, 2022
Aaron Epstein, one of Intercounty's Member Service Representatives, put on a First Responder Fire Sa...

Sharing Success

Friday | March 4, 2022
This week, representatives of IECA presented local dues-based volunteer fire departments with $2,000...

Rate Adjustment

Tuesday | March 1, 2022
Members will see a rate adjustment this spring. An adjustment in the co-ops rate structure will ta...

Youth Tour Program Returning to D.C.

Tuesday | March 1, 2022
After two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, High School Juniors are final able to return to D.C. f...
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