To make the most of your membership Intercounty provides a program that will help you to budget your monthly energy bill, making payment of your bills convenient and time saving.

Levelized Billing is a service providing the members with a set monthly billing each month. The amount is reviewed and adjusted annually.

Yes. Levelized Billing can help with your monthly budgeting needs, and can be used to level out high summer or winter usage for ease of paying.

No. In order to be put on Levelized Billing a member must meet the requirements for Levelized Billing.

A member must have an application filled out by Member Accounts. This application requires that the member has lived at the location for a minimum of 12 months, has had a good credit rating with Intercounty, and allow for an inspection by Member Accounts. All Levelized payments must be kept current.

Your monthly bill will be determined by your last 12 month kwh history divided by 12. Exceptions would be determined by the inspection by Member Accounts.

You should receive your first Levelized Bill the first billing cycle after the contract has been signed and returned to Member Accounts. (If it is received within a reasonable amount of time before the billing process begins.)

No. If you have credit due at the end of the term it will be applied to the next 12-month term lowering your monthly payments. Refunds will only be paid if the contract is terminated, and you are taken off Levelized Billing.

No. If you have a balance due at the end of the term it will be added to the next 12-month term raising your monthly payments. In the event the contract is terminated, and you are taken off Levelized Billing, any balance due would be required.

Yes, a member may cancel their agreement anytime. In the event a member cancels their agreement, any credits or balances will be due. The member will not be eligible to enroll in the program for 12 months after canceling.

Yes, if a member does not meet the payment requirements or meet conditions of the contract, Intercounty may cancel the agreement. If the agreement is canceled all balances or credits are due.


To apply for Levelized Billing please call 1-866-621-3679 and a Member Accounts Representative will figure your levelized amount and will mail you a Levelized Billing Agreement.